Google launches YouTube Video Rental Service

So far, YouTube has been the perfect place to watch people fall off their skateboards and bikes. All that’s about to change with their new service, YouTube Video Rental Store. Just like the name suggests, it is a video rental service by Google’s YouTube.

But there’s one problem with the service, it’s for the US only. I’m sure the news made you jump off from your sofa though, yeah we got that much excited as well! And hoping that the service will go international in the time to come.

We really believe that YouTube’s Video Rental service will take on a lot of competition with iTunes and Netflix because of it’s cheap price, which ranges from 99 cents to $3.99. Now you have to admit that really is cheap!

Luckily if you do live in the US, here’s how it works. You point your browser to this page, , chose the movie you want to rent out and pay using Google Check-out. And right now they’re offering 48 hour movie rentals, which we think is quite a lot of time to watch the movie over and over again if you’re hooked. And by the way there’s no official announcement about the store yet, but we’re expecting one really soon.