Google Maps 4.1 available now for Android

After a month when Google Maps 4.0 was released comes another update 4.1. The best thing about this update is that it adds a latitude gadget on the home screen. The new Maps app makes finding people and places quick and easy.


Google Maps 4.1 adds a latitude widget on the home screen, a new live wallpaper and if your phone is connected to several Google accounts then Maps allows you to sync items to the account of your choice.Maps

The latitude widget is really handy but it might hinder some performance or suck up battery life just sitting there on the home screen, but hey it’s a really handy little widget used to find people on the map. The update is solely for Android and is not available for other platforms such as Windows Mobile or Symbian. Maybe Google would release an update for other platforms as well in the near future.

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