Google Maps 4.3 for Android released with great new features

Google maps is possibly one of the most important apps in your smartphone which helps you easily find your destination. Google has released version 4.3 of Google Maps application for Android phones. So, if you are running 1.6 or higher then you should download Google Maps 4.3 for Android by going to the Android Market/ The three major additions in this version are Place pages, Transit, and Latitude.

  • Place Pages
    When you are thinking of going to a new place like a new restaurant or a mall and you are not sure about how that would be, then you can’t just go their blindly and at the of the day you would just waste your time. But with Place Pages you can check out more detailed ratings about the place.

Google Maps Page Places

  • Transit
    Schedules of the public transit will now be in your Android phones with Google Maps 4.3. You can find out the next subway is due and also check out that you can reach to the bus station in time or not.

Google Maps

  • Latitude
    This feature is Google’s version of Foursquare as you can add friends in Latitude. With this you can share location with your friends.

Google Maps P

Google Maps is turning into an app which is more than a Map, it is like your guide who tells you about the rating of a place with its new feature like Place Places.You can download Google Maps 4.3 from Android market and if you have a previous version of it then you can update it.

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