iPhone 4 Unboxing Pictures and Videos

A lot of lucky people have started getting their hands on iPhone 4. That’s right, Apple has delivered iPhone 4 to customers a little earlier. The Internet is going crazy with websites publishing unboxing images and videos sent in by various happy customers.

Here are a few selected unboxing images and videos:

[via tipb]

Here are a few pictures of unboxing an iPhone 4 via MacStories

Unboxing - 1

Unboxing - 2

Unboxing - 3

Unboxing - 4

Unboxing - 5

Unboxing - 7

Unboxing - 8

Unboxing - 9

Unboxing - 10

Looks great doesn’t it? I couldn’t get myself to like the design of this thing when it was being leaked left, right, front and center, but the finished product actually makes me think my current iPhone is ugly. Here’s another unboxing video:

Yup, this thing is fast and blows away the competition. It creams Froyo! ;)

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