The Truth About Android

The competition in the smartphone market between iPhone and Android is really heating up with the latest launches of iPhone 4, iOS 4 and from the Android side, Froyo. Google lovers think Android is a worthy alternative of iOS but still stats show the truth which one is better. Maclife has posted a great video in which Walt Mosspuppet is telling “The Truth about Android”.

In this video, Walt Mosspuppet proves that why Android is not better than iOS and has proved wrong some important features of Android which are .

· Android is free

· Android knows everything about you

· Android is a better product

· Android is Open

· Android offers True Multitasking

· Choice is Good

You may say that the video is totally biased but still the points are valid , and I know most all the iPhone users would agree with it.And Android users would say this video is crap.

[via maclife ]


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I am a student of computer science. My interests are software development and blogging. Been blogging since a year now. I mostly cover Apple news.


  1. So, you're telling me that a video that says Google steals money from children and steals their underwear and all kinds of bogus shit is a legitimate source to show the pros and cons of Android OS and iOS? Not really.. if iPhone owners agree with this then they're obviously not even being serious. No one should take this video seriously at all, if you do then you're an obvious retard.

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