Google Messages unlocks dual-SIM RCS texting, complete rollout expected soon

In a groundbreaking move, Google Messages now supports dual-SIM RCS texting, allowing users to seamlessly switch between two SIMs and send RCS messages without any complications. While the feature is currently available on Samsung-specific versions of the app, it is expected to expand to other devices in the near future.

Google Messages

Some users can send and receive RCS Messages across both SIMs with Google Messages

Historically, Google Messages limited RCS chats to a single number. However, with this recent change, users can now leverage dual-SIM RCS on the app, marking a significant departure from the previous restrictions. Despite the feature’s current exclusivity to Samsung-specific versions, enthusiasts have found ways to enable it on other devices, ensuring a broader reach.

A recent APK exploration of the latest Google Messages beta version (20240102_00_RC01) has unveiled strings of code hinting at multi-SIM RCS support. These include phrases such as “Send and receive RCS chats on SIM” and “SIM RCS Toggle,” emphasizing Google’s commitment to expanding RCS functionality to multiple SIM cards.

<string name=”phone_number_input_title_text_multi_sim”>Send and receive RCS chats on SIM %1$d when you verify your number</string>

<string name=”rcs_status_multi_sim_checkbox_content_description”>SIM %1$s RCS Toggle</string>

<string name=”multi_sim_rcs_not_available_desc_disabled_by_it_admin”>Your IT administrator turned off RCS chats for all SIMs. %1$s</string>

<string name=”disable_rcs_warning_text_global_level_three_or_more_sims”>RCS chats for all numbers will be turned offf</string>

<string name=”disable_rcs_warning_text_global_level_two_sims”>RCS chats for both numbers will be turned off</string>

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Rich Communication Services (RCS) has come a long way since its inception in 2008. Initially, its adoption faced challenges, with exceptions for specific carriers in certain countries. Google Messages played a pivotal role in resolving these issues, making RCS more widely accessible. The recent addition of dual-SIM RCS support further underscores Google’s dedication to enhancing the messaging experience.

As dual-SIM RCS support gains traction, users with dual-SIM phones have reported seeing multiple numbers within the RCS chat settings. Despite the feature’s current limitations and server-side elements yet to be fully activated by Google, some users have already managed to unlock this capability.

The anticipation for an official rollout to a stable channel remains high, promising a seamless and enhanced messaging experience for users across various devices.

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