Google Password Manager now supports on-device encryption on iOS, Android, and Chrome

Google Password Manager now offers on-device encryption on iOS, Android, and Chrome so that users’ passwords can only be seen by them.

Built within Google Chrome web, Google Password Manager is a website password managing tool that allows users to securely save their different passwords online so that the tool automatically fills the password when a site with a store password is revised. All the saved passwords sync across devices with the Chrome app or browser.

Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager allows users to take control of their password encryption

To make password management more secure on Chrome, Google is allowing users to enable on-device encryption. The new feature will encrypt passwords on the user’s devices before saving them to Google Password Manager.

That means, Google will not have the encryption key and user’s device will turn into a key. So that only users can access the password via Touch ID, Face ID, or pin.

The encryption key, used to access your passwords, is safely stored in your Google Account. Google then uses this key to access (decrypt) your passwords.

Google Password Manager

However, it must be kept in mind that once the on-device encryption is set up, it can not be removed and users can lose their passwords if they lose the key.

To enable the Google Password Manager on-device encryption:

  1. Simply navigate to Setting > Passwords. 
  2. Tap on the new “On-device encryption” option > Next.
  3. Tap on “Set Up” after carefully reading the things to consider. 

Google is also working with Apple to introduce “passwordless sign-ins”.

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