Google Photos now syncs your liked images with Apple Photos

Recently, Google Photos reached 5 billion installs on Google Play, proudly taking the spot after Whatsapp for the most installs of all time. Now, the app has received an update that will let you sync your liked images in the app with Apple Photos. 

The feature is expected to provide a cross-platform experience for the users of the app, popular on both iOS and Android platforms. Even though the Android app is cross-platform, it is hard to fully utilize it on iOS due to some restrictions implemented by Apple.

Google Photos

Google Photos receives an update that lets you sync photos with Apple Photos

If someone has used an iPad or iPhone to try and use Google Photos, they must have found that they have to juggle between Apple Photos too for proper library management.

Spotted by the team over at Android Police, the juggling procedure may not be needed anymore as Google Photos has picked up a toggle to sync your favorite or liked photos from Apple Photos when backing up your library. This could prove to be useful if you have different Apple devices at home, therefore, different devices saving liked photos.

How it works

  1. Your favorite (star) photos in Google Photos become favorites in Apple Photos.
  2. Your favorite (heart) photos in Apple Photos become favorites in Google Photos.
  3. If you unfavorite photos in Google Photos, it unfavorites photos in Apple Photos and vice versa.

You must use an iOS device for this feature. Here is how you can enable it:

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, open Google Photos
  2. At the top right corner, tap your account profile photo
  3. Tap Photos Settings
  4. Tap Apple Photos
  5. Tap Sync favorites On
  6. Tap Turn on sync

According to the Android Police, the Apple Photos app will sync instantly when you star an image in Google Photos. However, the process is a bit slower when doing vice-versa, with Google Photos taking a minute or two to catch up. The report explains that closing the app and opening it again will speed up the process.

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