Google Play to allow more real-money gaming apps

Google plans to expand its offerings of real-money games (RMG) on the Google Play Store. This policy change, announced yesterday, January 11th, 2024, will allow developers to offer games and apps that haven’t been previously allowed under Google’s existing licensing framework.

Based on the learnings from the pilots and positive feedback from users and developers, Google Play will begin supporting more RMG apps this year, including game types and operators not covered by an existing licensing framework.

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From June 2024, more Google Play RMG apps will be available in India, Mexico, and Brazil

The decision to expand the range of RMG (Real Money Gaming) offerings has been made after successful pilot programs in India and Mexico. There has been a significant increase in demand from developers for RMG opportunities in various markets.

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This move marks a departure from the past and opens up the possibility of offering a wider range of RMG offerings, including casino-style games, skill-based competitions with monetary rewards, and even new and innovative formats that have not been previously seen on the platform.

Implications for developers and players

This development unlocks doors for developers, particularly those located in regions with less established gambling frameworks, by providing a novel monetization avenue for their RMG apps. Conversely, players stand to benefit from an enhanced selection of RMG experiences catering to varied preferences and interests.

Addressing concerns and safeguards

Naturally, the influx of RMG apps necessitates thorough consideration of potential issues like gambling addiction and responsible gaming practices. Google emphasizes its commitment to user safety and intends to implement robust measures such as age verification systems, readily accessible responsible gambling information, and tools for setting spending limits.

Google Play’s RMG expansion marks a pivotal shift in the mobile gaming landscape, holding the potential to redefine player engagement and interaction with RMG apps. However, it also introduces challenges associated with ensuring responsible and safe player experiences.

The program will initially launch in India, Brazil, and Mexico in June 2024, with plans to expand to other countries later.

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