Google Search App for iOS Updated, Brings Improved Voice Search Capabilities

After announcing this updated many weeks back, Google has finally released the voice search update for their iOS app. This update brings Google Now-like voice search capability to the app along with support for iPhone 5. The updated Google search app for iOS uses Google Knowledge Graph to provide smart and contextual search results which blow Siri out of the water in most cases.


Getting answers with the new Google search app is as simple as tapping on the microphone icon and asking a question – just like Siri. Dubbed as Fast and accurate voice recognition technology, it allows you use natural language commands and sentences to provide input to Google search and in return, it understands what you’re saying. Whenever you ask any question, it will bring up search results related to your query and will dictate the results of your query back to you. For example, if you ask  “What’s the weather in San Francisco?” Ii will show Google’s weather card for San Francisco.


Of course, it doesn’t have the complete set of functionality which Siri has or even Google Now for Android has. For example, Siri can set reminders, create notes, send an email and text messages, set alarms, open apps and much more but the Google search app can’t do these due to the limited access it has to the system. Likewise, Google Now provides much more functionality, especially after the latest update, which can’t be matched by this app. But for what this app can do, and the speed at which it does it is unmatched by Siri.

Check out the complete app in action in the video below:

The new Google search app update is available for free in App store for all iPhone and iPad.

Download Google Search App (App Store Link)