Google Trends meet Bing results in cool mash up

Google Trends is a tool by Google which shows the hottest search queries being searched on Google. This list mostly matches current events and happenings and changes every hour. Ironically, someone has come up with a Google Trends mash up that finds search results for the hot queries using Bing.



The main page shows today’s hot and top trends from Google Trends and clicking on them leads you to the news, web, images and video search results from Bing. The results are mostly relevant to the trends, showing that Bing is indexing the web almost as fast as Google is, if not faster. Some results do have somewhat older results though. But apart from that, this is an interesting mash up like Long Zheng’s The Real Live Search. It’s nice to see the Bing API being utilized so well by developers.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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