Share your Bing searches on Facebook and Twitter with Bing and Ping

Bing is gradually becoming my favorite search engine. Why? Because they’re working really hard on the search results and the improvements is really evident if you use it daily like me. I haven’t stopped using Google either, so it helps me in comparing the search results for both engines. Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But Bing isn’t either. It’s here to stay! The newest upcoming Bing feature ‘Bing and Ping’ shows how hard the Bing Team is working.

Bing and Ping

Bing and Ping lets you share search results on social networks or via email with just a few clicks. It’s similar to how you can share blog posts on your favorite social networks with share buttons at the bottom. It seems as it’ll work with queries that show instant answers in search results such as any NFL query, movie times, flight status etc.

The feature hasn’t been rolled out yet and will be available to users who are fan of Bing’s Facebook fan page via special invitations.

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