Would you throw a party to win a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate?

Are you passionate enough about Microsoft’s greatest and leanest operating system Windows 7? Will you throw a Windows 7 Launch Party for a special Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate and your very own Windows 7 Party Pack? Gear up then, because Microsoft is giving you a chance host a party to be part of Windows history! :)

Global Windows 7 Launch Party

Just go to the Windows 7 House Party website and apply to host a party on any day between 22 to 29th October. If you’re selected you’ll be part of the Global Window 7 launch by throwing your own party which will be assisted by House Party, the world’s leading party organizer. You just have to be located in either of the following countries to be illegible for participation.Windows 7 Launch Party Countries

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to host a party!

Are you going to host a Windows 7 launch party ?

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