Set to form a union, staff at Grand Central Apple Store demand $30/ hour wage, and more

Retail staff at the Grand Central Apple Store are demanding more from their employer. A group of former and current employees called the “Fruit Stand Workers United” at the location have initiated the process of unionizing to demand a minimum wage of $30 per hour,  improved working conditions, better retirement plans, and more. 


In its mission statement, Fruit Stand Workers United accuses Apple of not paying retail staff at the Grand Central location their fair share while becoming the most valuable company in the world. Therefore, questioning “why should its retail workers live precariously?” the group is seeking to form a union to negotiate matters of employment, leave, working conditions, and compensation.

Apple Store staff are incentivized to participate in the Card signing process to earn a higher hourly wage, benefits, and more

Recently, Kif Leswing at CNBC spotted that Fruit Stand Workers United had updated its website with a new video elaborating the unionization process and a new $30 per hour wage demand.

For pay, we seek a minimum $30 for all workers, built up on a matrix based on role, tenure, and performance. For benefits, we seek more robust changes, like increased tuition reimbursement, faster accrued and more vacation time, and better retirement options, including higher match rates for 401(k) and enrollment into pension plans. For health and safety, we look to conduct research into security protocols with customer interactions, and research into track dust, health effects from building materials, and noise pollution at Grand Central.


Currently, the tech giant is also facing a class-action lawsuit filed by a former employee for not paying a weekly wage for manual work in accordance with New York State’s law. The plaintiffs are seeking $500 million in damages for 100 employees, $5 million for each.

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