Graviboard: Crazy Tweak frees your iPhone/iPad Homescreen Icons from Gravity [Cydia]

This has to be the coolest Cydia app to date. Graviboard frees the home screen icons on your iOS device from their usual positions and adds physics effects so that they move around freely with the touch of your finger or tilt of the accelerometer.Graviboard Cydia Tweak

All you have to do is install the app from Cydia and configure the options to your desire from the Settings app. Then watch and enjoy as the icons fall with the direction in which you tilt your device. You can even throw them around and they’ll bounce off each other with realistic physics effects. You can even launch apps in this mode – you just need to enable this from the settings.

While this is just an entertaining tweak and serves no real purpose, Cydia is full of apps and tweaks that can supercharge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and make it an extremely powerful and productive device. Some tweaks let you bypass restrictions put in place by Apple on iOS. Other apps in Cydia are those which Apple would never allow in the App Store and can enhance the functionality of your iOS device. Some examples include wireless hotspot functionality, themes, file sharing via Bluetooth, file managers, file downloaders, torrent downloading apps and much more. There are even some apps in Cydia that let you put widgets on your home screen, similar to Android.

Graviboard costs $2.99 and is available in the BigBoss repo. You’ll need a jailbroken iOS device to be able to install this app.

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