Gull1hack: iPhone 3GS Untethered Jailbreak Claim


I just found out about an iPhone 3GS untethered jailbreak claim by the Gull1hack team. The source isn’t reliable so we can’t trust them if they will do it or not. Nothing can be verified at the moment, but they did post a video, and it sure looks promising! They claim it will work with all the devices and models till the date.

Here’s Pattyland’s exact claim:

We just found an amazing Exploit in the Boot-System of the 3GS with the new Bootrom! This Exploit works on ALL iPhone and iPod Touches! While booting, we overun the buffer memory, letting the iPhone think there is something wrong; But in the moment it tries to enter safe mode, we send a boot signal like Blackra1n or Redsn0w

But can we really trust them? The Dev team have sent out a warning to be aware of fake jailbreaks that may harm your device.


Warning: The tool hasn’t been confirmed working by GeoHot or the Dev Team. So don’t get your hopes up until they mention it working or not. No one likes bricked devices.

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