Here is how to easily use Siren on Apple Watch Ultra

Built for extreme sports and adventures, the new Apple Watch Ultra features an 86-decibel siren for emergency situations to alert the rescuers of the user’s location.

Using the new audio system in Apple Watch Ultra, the Siren plays a continuous loud, high-pitched, and distinct sound at regular intervals which can be heard up to 600 feet. The sound includes two patterns that are not heard in nature or the environment to stand out in rescue efforts.

Siren continues to play the sound repeatedly at intervals until the user turns it off or the watch’s battery runs outs. Therefore, it is a very helpful feature, especially for hikers, mountain climbers, runners in the countryside, or other adventurers exploring remote areas.

Apple Watch Ultra

Here is how Apple Watch Ultra users can enable and disable the Siren

  1. Press and hold the side button until the Siren slider appears.
  2. Next, drag the Siren slider for the countdown to start.
  3. At the end of the countdown, the Siren app will launch and the Siren sound will start playing instantly.

You can also turn on the Siren by pressing and holding the Action button and following the above-listed steps.

Apple Watch Ultra

How to turn off the Siren

  1. To turn the Siren off, you will have to tap on the stop icon on the screen.

Apple Watch Ultra

If you have navigated away from the Siren, press the side button to open the Dock and tap on the Siren app to turn the sound off.

In case the Siren was initiated accidentally by pressing the Action button, you can cancel it by releasing the Action button. If you want to cancel the Siren initiated by dragging the Siren slider, you need to put the palm of your hand on the watch’s screen for 3 seconds to cancel.

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