HipLogic customized user interface coming soon to Android!

HipLogic on Android Phones

What makes Android a great operating system is that you can customize it the way you like. If you have the stock Android UI, without any additions such as Motoblur, or Sense UI, you would be bored with the interface, and it won’t satisfy your customization needs. When I had my HTC Hero, I was looking for more home applications to enhance my homescreen.

A company called HipLogic, which creates user interface applications for Windows Mobile and Symbian, is coming to Android devices this quarter. HipLogic will create a new way for you to manage messages, news, and widgets. They want you to be able to access all information in one place.

HipLogic’s Android interface offers:

  • Customization that enables operators to differentiate their services
  • The ability to update the services and applications on the device “over the air”
  • Data optimization by delivering content in a highly compressed format when compared to HTM
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