HomePod 15.1.1 software update is now available with bug fixes

Apple has released HomePod 15.1.1 software update to users with the original HomePod and HomePod mini. The new update is a minor one and contains bug fixes.

The previous update, HomePod 15.1 software update, was released with Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos. With the update, Apple Music can be streamed to both HomePod models with Lossless Audio. However, Dolby Atmos only supports the original HomePod when used with the latest Apple TV 4K models.

HomePod 15.1 beta lossless audio and dolby atmos

HomePod 15.1.1 software update with bug fixes

This update fixes just one issue where Podcasts would sometimes not work.

Here are the official release notes from Apple:

Software version 15.1.1 fixes an issue where Podcasts could fail to play.

Previously, Apple released HomePod 15 software update which allows users to set up HomePod mini as the default speaker for Apple TV 4K, enables bass level customization, and includes updates for Siri for Apple TV along with smart device control.

How to install HomePod 15.1.1 software update?

HomePod software can be updated by using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac that was used to set up the HomePod. Go to the Home app on any of the connected devices, and go to Home Settings > Software Update. Select HomePod and the update will show up. Click or tap on the Update button and the process will start. You will know that your HomePod is updating because it will show a white spinning light. Once the update completes, the light will go back to normal. Make sure that you do not disconnect your HomePod or your device during the update process.

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