Gurman reveals Apple is still working on its HomePod, Apple TV combo with FaceTime

Apple is still working on its combined HomePod, Apple TV, and FaceTime product that was first rumored to exist last year, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Currently, there is no set timeline for when the Cupertino tech giant will debut the product.

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Apple could combine the HomePod, Apple TV, and FaceTime camera into one product

In the Q&A section of his Power On newsletter, Gurman said he “absolutely” thinks a new HomePod combined with Apple TV and FaceTime is coming that will be “at the center of Apple’s approach” to Apple’s home hardware.

Q: Do you think a new HomePod or home device is still coming?
A: I absolutely do think a new HomePod is coming — specifically, a device that combines a HomePod, Apple TV and FaceTime camera. I don’t think a big stand-alone HomePod is still in development, but perhaps a new HomePod mini is coming. In any case, the combination product will probably be at the center of Apple’s approach, with HomePod minis surrounding that throughout the home.

Gurman first reported in April 2021 that Apple was working on a new product that will integrate a HomePod speaker, FaceTime camera, and Apple TV into one hub. Gurman said that the device would combine an Apple TV set-top box with a HomePod speaker and include a camera for video conferencing through a connected TV. He also said that it would support standard Apple TV features like playing games, streaming content, and using Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

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At the time of Gurman’s report, it was said that the product was still in the early stages and that the tech giant could end up releasing a modified version or scrap the product altogether. However, based on the latest report, it seems that Apple is sticking to its original plans.

Apple discontinued its original HomePod in March 2021 after launching the HomePod mini, a compact smart speaker that offers advanced technology for a fraction of the price of its predecessor at $99. Given how successful the smart speaker has been since its launch in 2020, it may be possible that the tech giant will launch another version of the HomePod mini with new features.

As for the combined Apple TV, HomePod, and FaceTime hub, we will simply have to wait for industry reports and leaks.

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