HomePod mini now works with 18w chargers with the help of 14.3 software update

Earlier this month, Apple released version 14.3 software update for the HomePod and HomePod mini, and since then it has been found that this update lets HomePod mini be powered by select 18W chargers.

The HomePod mini ships with a 20W power adapter and the device itself requires at least 20W to function. However, with the help of the latest software update, the limit is reduced to 18W which allows a wider range of adapters and battery packs to work with the device.

HomePod mini

HomePod mini works with select 18W chargers thanks to 14.3 software update

Initially spotted on Reddit, and confirmed by MacRumors, HomePod mini now successfully works with Apple’s very own 18W USB-C power adapter and third-party 18W power adapters from brands like Aukey or Cygnett.

Previously, users who wished to charge their HomePod mini with an 18W adapter were met by a glowing orange light on the HomePod. According to Apple, the orange light means that the speaker is plugged into a power adapter that is not rated 20W, meaning that it will not work.

HomePod mini

Much like MagSafe, Apple’s smaller Bluetooth speaker will only accept power from 18W chargers with a particular power profile. There is no official word by the company on what the power profile exactly is, which means that users might have to struggle to find the right 18W adapter that works. The one adapter that is guaranteed to work is Apple’s official 18W adapter that comes in a box alongside the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Since the update was released, users on Reddit have been testing the speaker with 18W power banks and they seem to work. This means that users might be able to carry their devices along with them on trips. Even though it will lack WiFi access, users can connect it to their iPhone while using AirPlay 2.HomePod mini

This is good news for iPhone 12 users who have a limited number of adapters at home. They can now use their older 18W adapters with the HomePod mini and dedicate the new 20W adapter to the MagSafe charger alone.

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