Honeycomb’s Music App Supports Google Music Sync–Works on Rooted Android Phones

The guys over at XDA Developers have managed to extract the music app from Honeycomb and use it to sync music using the yet unannounced music syncing service by Google. Honeycomb hasn’t been released for handsets yet but hackers have managed to extract different parts of it to use in custom ROMs already.

The music app apk from Honeycomb was installed over a CM7 ROM and the Sync Music option started showing up in Settings. WhiteWindows from XDA Developers enabled the option and left it to sync overnight. Then he put in an empty SD card the next day and his music still worked through streaming without a hiccup!

Google Sync Music Honeycomb Android

We have no idea when Google will officially announce music sync but if it works as described above by WhiteWindows, this seems like a killer feature. Google just needs to roll it out quickly.

If you’re interested in getting this to work on your Android phone, head over to the thread at XDA. Be ready to spend some time though, it’s already 19 pages long.

via MobileCrunch

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