You Can Now Rent Movies From Warner Bros. via Facebook

Here’s an industry first: Warner Bros. will start renting movies from their respective Facebook fan pages for 30 Facebook credits each ( that’s $3 ). Currently online is The Dark Knight, which is already the highest grossing movie ever, and they’re milking every penny from it by using it in all new territories.

You Can Now Rent Movies From Warner Bros. via Facebook

There’s no detail on whether the movie is in HD or SD but Engadget thinks that the price points to an SD resolution. The Dark Knight isn’t live yet but will be later today. Additional titles will be made available soon for rent or buying. Pausing and resuming will be supported by logging in and out of Facebook (who ‘logs out’ of Facebook now?). Oh and keep in mind, this offer is for the United States only. Bummer!

It sounds like a really interesting idea to be able to tie up your ‘likes’ with actual products i.e. being able to go to a particular movie’s fan page and just watching it there. What has to be seen is, will it catch on? We think it should if studios really put their money into it.


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