Honkai Star Rail Jade: Leaked kit and expected release date

Leaks suggest the arrival of a powerful new character – Jade. Leaks have painted a fascinating picture of this enigmatic figure, and today, we’ll delve into everything we know about her potential kit, release date, and what she might bring to your team.


Jade is rumored to be a 5-star character aligned with the Path of Erudition. This coveted rarity paired with the potent Quantum element suggests she’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Leaks indicate she’ll excel in a support role, buffing allies while dishing out devastating Quantum damage.

While details remain shrouded in some mystery, leaks offer tantalizing glimpses into Jade’s combat prowess:

  • Follow-up focus: Prepare for a symphony of destruction! Jade’s core strength seems to lie in follow-up attacks. Imagine unleashing a devastating blow right after an ally strikes. This playstyle promises to add a whole new layer of strategic depth to your team compositions. Mastering the timing and order of attacks will be key to maximizing Jade’s potential.
  • Supportive spirit: Leadership runs through Jade’s veins. Leaks suggest a potent support skill that bolsters your team’s offensive capabilities. This could be a game-changer, allowing you to push your team’s damage output to new heights and conquer even the most challenging encounters. Whether it’s a direct attack buff, increased critical hit chance, or elemental damage amplification, Jade’s support skill has the potential to significantly alter the battlefield dynamic.
  • The power of Jadeite: Whispers speak of a unique mechanic called Jadeite Stacks. The more Jadeite Stacks she accumulates, the stronger her attacks become. This stacking mechanic adds another layer of complexity and mastery to her gameplay. It’s vital to understand how Jadeite Stacks are generated and utilized to unleash her full potential. Perhaps defeating enemies, using specific skills, or triggering follow-up attacks will contribute to her growing power.


Release date:

Based on Honkai Star Rail’s usual update cycle, leaks suggest Jade’s arrival sometime in version 2.3. The expected release date for version 2.3 itself is around June 18th, 2024. However, considering the drip-feeding of character information, Jade will likely appear in the second half of version 2.3, placing her release date closer to early July 2024.

Remember, these are leaks, the final details of Jade’s kit and release date might differ. Keep an eye out for official announcements from HoYoverse for the most up-to-date information.

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