How To: Get a Better ‘List View’ in OS X

Despite changes from Leopard’s version, the Snow Leopard “List View” option leaves a lot to be desired. All that can be changed using Terminal and a few commands. Warning: as of now, this cannot be easily reversed. Use this only if you don’t plan to go back. Here’s how it’s done:


1) Open Terminal(Applications > Utilities > Terminal)

2) Enter “defaults write use-new-list-stack -bool” and hit Return

3) Enter “list- stack -bool yes” and hit Return

4) Enter “killall Dock” and hit Return.

5) If steps 2-4 don’t work, quit Terminal and reopen. Enter this instead: “defaults write use-new-list-stack -boolean yes; killall Dock” and hit Return.

6) Change a folder on the dock to “List View”(if you don’t have one already) and click on it to use the new List View. Enjoy!

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I am a technology enthusiast who's first major computer experience was with hacking the Sony PSP. I am an Apple Dev, and I'm currently studying Computer Programming and 3D Animation.