How To: Highlight On Mouse-Over in ‘Grid View’ in Mac OS X

For Stacks(folders on the dock), there are many view options(Fan, Grid, and List) and each has its strengths and weaknesses. My personal favorite is the ‘Grid’ view, but it’s weakness is a significant one- you have to follow the mouse carefully to see what you’re about to select. This isn’t really a big deal unless you’re on a 13″ MacBook or MacBook Pro, in which case it can be a little difficult. Whether you use a small screen or just like to highlight what your mouse is on, this is for you.

Here’s how to highlight items in a grid view upon mouse-over:


First, open Terminal(Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Then, enter “defaults write mouse-over-hilite-stack -boolean yes”(minus the quotation marks) and hit Return. Then, enter “killall Dock” and hit Return. You will now have a square highlighted on whichever item your mouse is on.

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