How to install a browser in Windows 7 E

Windows 7 E will be launching in Europe without a browser due to legal issues with the European Union. A lot of people wonder how they’ll be able to install a browser since it wouldn’t come with one. Well, here’s the solution from Microsoft’s own website:

Windows 7 launches in the UK on the 22nd October and the main version sold within the UK will be the “E version”. This includes Windows 7 E Home Premium, Windows 7 E Professional, Windows 7 E Ultimate and Windows 7 E Starter editions. This version of Windows 7 (along with the N version) will not include a browser (for example: it will not come with Internet Explorer 8). We recommend therefore you have an Internet browser from Microsoft or from another software manufacturer saved onto a CD/DVD or another medium before you install Windows 7.

  • Step One: Back up your files and personal data
  • Step Two: Save your preferred browser (e.g Internet Explorer 8 or a browser from another software manufacturer)
  • Step Three: Install Windows 7
  • Step Four: Re-install your browser
  • Step Five: Re-install all your personal data

So, if you’re in Europe, I’d suggest for you to start downloading your favorite browsers’ setup files and back them up to a CD or USB drive so that you wouldn’t have to go hunt for a CD/DVD from anyone else.

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  3. Personally I’ll be trying to find an international copy with IE8 in. I think we should be given the choice whether to have the IE8 version or not, not some court to decide.

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