Unlock iPhone 3G S with purplesn0w

purplesn0w The purplesn0w unlock for iPhone 3G S is finally available now by George Hotz. Here are the instructions to unlock your iPhone 3G S:

  • You need a legit activated iPhone 3G S
  • Disable 3G if you don’t have it
  • Add apt.geohot.com to Cydia
  • Install com.geohot.purplesn0w
  • Watch for success output in Cydia
  • Reboot
  • Your iPhone is unlocked!

Why should you use purplesn0w? From George Hotz:

It’s a soft unlock for your 3GS that I’d actually use day to day. It’s not a daemon that takes any resources, and it doesn’t add a task to your baseband. It’s very close to a true unlock. All it does is patch three files, CommCenter, lockdownd, and your wildcard activation plist(which you need, activate w at&t sim first, no hacktivation support yet).

Remember to back up your data first before trying the unlock. To jailbreak your iPhone 3G S with purplera1n, follow the guide here

[image via QuickPwn]

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