New HTC TouchFlo3D 2.6 updates for Windows Mobile

htctouchpro2smartphone WMPoweruser has posted a couple of videos that demonstrate the improvements and additions to HTC’s TouchFlo3D interface. Focus is on finger friendly navigation, but the demo is on a resistive screen. It has a better photo viewer than before and an album view that can be best described as a Coverflow knock off. Some inspiration from the HTC Hero Sense theme is also visible. While all these improvements look amazing, and WMPoweruser goes on to say it gives Coverflow a run for its money, it’s really slow when running!

The great thing about TouchFlo3D in my opinion? The theme is now skin deep in Windows Mobile. The settings panels are all skinned in TouchFlo3D as well, so you wouldn’t see a mixture of two themes but instead TouchFlo3D all around. Check out the cool demos below:


P.S. If you’re interested in getting the HTC Hero Sense UI on your iPhone or iPod Touch, check out this excellent blog post by my friend Taimur over at Redmond Pie. You can also download the TouchFlo3D 2.5 UI for Windows Mobile here.

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