Download TouchFlo 3D 2.5 Theme for Windows Mobile 6.5

AT&T is set to release HTC Touch Diamond 2, codenamed Warhawk, next month. It’ll be equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, a 3.2 MP camera, expandable memory and of course, a 3.2-inch shiny touch screen.

HTC Diamond 2 will go head-to-head against the iPhone and multiple Android devices already in the market. The advantage with Diamond 2 is that HTC never compromises on quality so we expect good review for the device when it is releases next month.

Windows Mobile 6.5

The Warhawk ROM has already been leaked and extractions have begun. Shadowline from XDA developers has leaked a theme from Warhawk here. Take a look at a screenshot of the TouchFlo3D 2.5 theme below.

Download TouchFlo 3D 2.5 Theme for Windows Mobile 6.5

TouchFlo3D themes are more finger-friendly as compared to the older ones that worked better with a stylus. The theme looks pretty cool, although the shortcuts to applications are missing on the home screen. Advanced users can go to XDA and follow the guide to get the theme up and running on their own Windows Mobile phones. Results might vary, specially on non-HTC smartphones.

Windows Mobile has tough competition from the likes of iPhone and Android at the moment but it is heartening to see companies like HTC still supporting their favorite mobile operating system by creating such themes. While most companies and users might have give up on Windows Mobile, HTC has been a loyal OEM still creating devices supporting Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Microsoft improved the user interface with Windows Mobile 6.5 but HTC’s theme provides an additional layer on top with a user friendly user interface. Thanks to the customizability of Windows Mobile, users can still chose to switch back to the default Windows Mobile interface.

If you feel adventurous enough, download the theme from the link below.

Download AT&T Warhawk Theme

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