iFixit’s M3 MacBook Pro teardown highlights internals, dual fans, and matte space black finish

A new M3 MacBook Pro teardown, conducted by repair website iFixit, highlights the differences between the M3 and M3 Pro chips as well as the internal changes that can be found in the new device.

M3 MacBook Pro

M3 MacBook Pro teardown shows off design architecture of Apple’s latest M3 and M3 Pro chips

M3 vs. M3 Pro

iFixit’s M3 MacBook Pro teardown compared two variants of the device: the base M3 version and the M3 Pro. The M3 Pro, mirroring the M2 Pro internally, features a dual-fan design, catering to demanding tasks like prolonged video editing sessions. In contrast, the M3 MacBook Pro retains the single-fan design reminiscent of the discontinued 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro.

M3 MacBook Pro teardown

Cooling dynamics and design

The M3 Pro’s dual-fan configuration ensures efficient heat dissipation, effectively managing heat buildup during demanding workloads. In contrast, the M3 variant, being relatively slower, integrates a single fan and a shorter heatsink. To maintain ergonomic integrity with a single fan, Apple strategically expanded the logic board. These design nuances contribute to the seamless functioning of the M3 MacBook Pro, even under prolonged usage.

M3 MacBook Pro teardown 4

Port variations

One notable difference highlighted in the teardown is the absence of a Thunderbolt port in the M3 MacBook Pro. While both variants share many design elements, the M3 variant’s exclusion of this port may impact users reliant on Thunderbolt connectivity for high-speed data transfer or external device power delivery. Despite this, the teardown emphasizes the ease of component replacement, with easily accessible pull tabs for the battery and standard screws securing other components.

Dual flash storage modules

Addressing previous concerns regarding storage performance, Apple integrated dual flash storage modules in the M3 MacBook Pro, a significant departure from the single module in the base M2 MacBook Air. With a starting capacity of 512GB, comprising two 256GB flash storage modules, users can expect enhanced read and write speeds, providing a noticeable boost in performance for demanding applications and file transfers.

M3 MacBook Pro teardown

Space black finish

Moving beyond the internal components, iFixit explored the new space black finish of the M3 MacBook Pro. Anodized to perfection, Apple achieved a darker appearance by etching the surface, creating microscopic irregularities that diffuse light in various directions. iFixit’s scientific overview provides insights into the intricacies of this stunning finish, complemented by a new anodization seal that reduces fingerprints, ensuring a pristine appearance over time.

M3 MacBook Pro teardown


The M3 MacBook Pro teardown conducted by iFixit has provided valuable insights into its internal design, highlighting key features and advancements.

From the dual-fan configuration of the M3 Pro to the dual flash storage modules and the stunning new space black finish, the M3 MacBook Pro represents a comprehensive upgrade, offering users a powerful computing experience.

Check out the full M3 MacBook Pro teardown below:

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