Imgur iPhone app updated with search, notifications and design updates

Imgur app for iPhone has received some much needed updates which include profile redesign, less squarer grid view, notifications to keep a tab on posts and comments as well as the top missing feature: search.

The new update addresses the biggest concern I had as an Imgur user which was lack of search functionality. It meant that users had to switch to Safari and open to search. With the new update, thankfully, almost every important feature from the desktop website is now available in the app.

The new search button is always there in the bottom toolbar and lets you perform searches from posts to gifs and users. It works well and search results show in an overlay, without taking you away from the search page. However, there are some issues with search: a) it has no filters b) it’s slow.

Apart from search, the clean profile layouts are a welcome design update. I’m impartial on the grid design update but most users do not seem to like it.

Here is the complete change log for Imgur version 2.4.0:

  • Redesigned profiles
  • Grid view non shows non-square thumbnails
  • Notifications to show activity on posts and comments
  • Search for posts or users on Imgur

imgur iphone app

Overall, it is a good update and it is nice to see Imgur working on adding new and missing features and fixing bugs along the way.

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