Instagram launches new Broadcast Channels for creators worldwide

After a few months of testing, Instagram has launched “Broadcast Channels” for creators around the world. The feature offers a new way for creators to engage with their followers and deepen their connection by posting text, voice, photo, or video messages in real time. 

Instagram Broadcast channels iOS and Android

‘Broadcast channels’ in Instagram Direct Messages allow creators to update followers in real time

The ‘Broadcast Channels’ is a one-to-many messaging feature integrated with Direct Messages on Instagram. The feature allows creators to post polls or voice, text, video, or photo messages in their DMs which their followers or anyone can view.

However, only creators can post messages in channels and followers can react to the content, vote in polls and only selected followers can message in the Channels.

Instagram Broadcast channels

Here is how Broadcast Channels work for creators and followers on Instagram

When a creator gains access to Broadcast channels, they can send messages from their Instagram inbox. 

Creators can also use the “join channel” sticker in Stories or pin the channel’s link to their profile, to attract more followers or people to join.

Although only creators’ followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel or update notifications, anyone can discover the broadcast channel to see the content. 

Here is how Broadcast Channels work for followers on Instagram

Followers of public accounts will receive notifications to join creators’ Broadcast channels but they have the option to control the notifications.

  • Select “some”, “all” or “none” for Notifications.
  • If they only want to receive broadcast channel notifications of their favorite creators, followers can tap on the bell icon on the creators’ profile. 

They need to add a channel in their inbox or DMs to receive all notifications not just invitation notifications. And once the channel is added to the DM, it will appear and function like other chats in the inbox.

It must be kept in mind that, Broadcast Channels are also subject to Instagram guidelines, so inappropriate channels, and content can be reported.

Instagram claims that the new feature has already boosted the audience of several creators in the United States and India.

Today we’re expanding Instagram broadcast channels globally, giving millions of creators a new way to directly engage with their followers at scale in real time. As we’ve expanded broadcast channels in the US, accounts like @armaniblanco and @justmaiko have seen unparalleled engagement from fans whether they’re sharing sneak peeks of upcoming content, asking for feedback via polls and sharing candid moments via voice notes. We’re excited to see what creators around the world do with broadcast channels.

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