Instagram working on a new ‘Favorites’ feature to prioritize accounts on iOS

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi has discovered that Instagram is developing a new ‘Favorites’ feature for iOS. The feature will allow users to add the accounts they like in their ‘Favorites’ list so that posts by Favorite accounts appear on top of users’ feeds. The functionality of the new feature will separate Instagram’s filtering algorithm from Facebook’s to prioritize which accounts/content to show users first on the platform.

The social media platform is going to a major revamp to compete with TikTok. Inspired by the popular Chinese, it has announced to bring full-screen videos, recommendations, new Search and more to the app. Recently, Instagram replaced ‘swipe-up’ links with link stickers to make it easier to account to post links to restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses and places.


Instagram will allow users to add their most liked accounts to the ‘Favorites’ list

@Alessandro Paluzzi found that in the Settings of the app, the company has added a new ‘Favorites’ option to pin accounts users do not want to miss out on. Currently, Instagram’s algorithm shows the account based on users’ view history, the popularity of a post, users’ interaction with an account, and other factors. This algorithm can make users miss out on the content of the accounts which they follow but not viewed/interacted with often.

When accounts will be added to the ‘Favorites’ list will make the following changes:
  • Add accounts to your favorites list: You can search for accounts or view suggestions based on your activity.
  • See favorites higher in your feed: New posts from your favorites will appear higher in the feed so you don’t miss out.
  • Only you can see who’s on your list: Accounts on your favorites list won’t be notified when you add or remove them.


Previously, the social media company made it easy for users to retrieve their hacked accounts by introducing a new ‘Security Checkup’ guide which includes checking users’ activity on the app and reviewing profiles, numbers, and emails associated with their accounts to prevent cyberattacks by miscreants to gain access to users’ accounts.

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