Now go live with four friends and creators via the new Instagram Live Rooms

Instagram has launched another new feature on the platform, Live Rooms. As an update of its current Instagram Live feature, the new Live Rooms allows users to host live sessions with up to 3 other friends, and creators. Previously, users could do live broadcasts with only one more person.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Live sessions were used not for entertainment but also verified information and guidelines on COVID-19, fitness training during lockdowns and more. Now the company hopes that the new feature will provide more creative opportunities to users.

We hope that doubling up on Live will open up more creative opportunities — start a talk show, host a jam session or co-create with other artists, host more engaging Q&As or tutorials with your following, or just hang out with more of your friends.

Instagram- Live Rooms

Double up the fun in the new Live Rooms on Instagram

Users can easily host Live Rooms with up to 3 other users in the camera section of the app. They can either add three other users at once or individuals. other users can also send requests to the host to be included in the live session. The app will notify the followers of the host, as well as, of the guests when the live session commences.

Instagram- Live Rooms

Like multi-users video calls, Live Rooms will allow users to share enjoyable moments with family and friends and will give an opportunity for creators to increase engagement. Creators engage in alot of collaborative work with other creators to not only offer new content but also to increase their followers. And the feature is receiving some positive response, creators shared in the announcement that,

“Your following knows you individually, but what happens when four creators come together? That curiosity is what we want to keep alive. What was special about our Live Rooms stream is that all our different followers got the chance to see four of us talk about something we universally love.” @artinayar

“Being able to have open, face-to-face conversations on Instagram Live has helped us capture attention and connect directly with our millions of Roommates. We’re excited to use Live Rooms to expand our reporting capabilities, engage with our followers, and to continue growing our platform.”@theshaderoom

Instagram- Live Rooms

Live sessions were introduced on the social media app in November 2016 and since then has been used by users to interact with their followers bringing more engagement. In addition, it also allows businesses and influencers to earn money with features like shopping and live fundraisers and by giving followers the option to buy badges to show their love and support for their favorite creators.

Recently, Instagram introduced great community development support features to promote discourage eating disorders and negative body image.

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