Instagram launches new ways to support people with eating disorders and negative body image

The popular social media app, Instagram has introduced new ways to provide health-related support to its online community. To contain the impact of eating disorders and negative body image, the company has announced that it will show helpful information when people search for eating disorder-related content.  With help from Instagram creators, the platform will also spread positive body image.

Usually, people who suffer from negative body image also have eating orders for they want to attain a certain body size. And unfortunately, a lot of content and body-shaming comments on social media have promoted these negative trends which affect users’ physical and mental health, especially in pre-teens, teens, and young adults. Therefore, the new ways to contain these harmful trends is a commendable step by Instagram to take care of its community’s well-being.


Instagram takes care of users physical and mental health steps by introducing new steps

Based on health experts’ advice on early intervention benefits, the app has introduced new expert-backed resources to provide helpful information on eating disorders when someone searching for and sharing such content on the platform. Instagram says that in the coming weeks, it will add the option to message on Instagram directly from the resources to make it easier for uses to connect with friends to get support in times of low-self esteem. As per the announcement, the resources are:

These new resources will include contacts for local eating disorders hotlines in certain countries, such as Beat in the UK, National Eating Disorder Information Centre in Canada and Butterfly Foundation in Australia, as well as new advice on how to build body confidence that we built in partnership with the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) in the US.


In addition, the platform will also host feedback sessions with community leaders and experts from around the world to gain more knowledge on health-related issues due to eating disorders and explore ways to offer support.

We don’t want anyone on Instagram to feel marginalized, particularly people with eating disorders or body image issues. While we already work in partnership with experts to understand how to support those affected by eating disorders, there’s always more we can learn.

Lastly, in partnership with National Eating Disorders Awareness (NEDA) Instagram community leaders @mikzazon@jamesissmiling, and @kendramorous will create and share Reels to “encourage positive body image, push back against weight stigma and harmful stereotypes, and show that all bodies are worthy and deserve to be celebrated.”

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