Instagram introduces video and multimedia replies to Notes

Instagram’s Notes feature, that little haven for quick updates and close-knit conversations, is getting a major upgrade! Gone are the days of solely relying on text to share your thoughts. Get ready to add some visual and audio flair to your Notes experience with the introduction of video notes and multimedia replies!

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Add flair to your Instagram Notes with video & multimedia

Instagram has just announced some exciting updates to its Notes feature, making it even more versatile and engaging for users. Here’s what you need to know:

Video Notes:

Imagine a mini-vlog you can create and share in just a flash. That’s what video notes are all about! These bite-sized, 2-second video clips are perfect for capturing quick moments, funny faces, or simply saying hello to your close friends and mutual followers. And the best part? They loop endlessly, adding a playful touch to your message.

Multimedia replies:

Sometimes, words just don’t cut it. That’s where multimedia replies come in! Now, you can respond to Notes with a whole spectrum of expressive options. Snap a quick photo, record a funny voice message, or add a GIF that perfectly captures your reaction. The possibilities are endless!


Keeping it close and private

Just like your close friends list, your video notes and multimedia replies are meant for a select audience. Only those you follow back and who follow you back can see them, ensuring your intimate conversations stay within your trusted circle.

Think of these new features as an invitation to a more vibrant Notes party. Share your day’s highlights, have a virtual sing-along with a voice recording, or send a goofy GIF that captures the mood. With these tools, you can connect with your close friends in a way that’s more personal and interactive than ever before.


These updates are rolling out gradually, so you might not see them right away. But fret not! Update your Instagram app to the latest version, and soon you’ll unlock a whole new world of expression and connection within the Notes feature.

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