Meta to disconnect Messenger and Instagram chat this month

Facebook-owned company Meta has announced that it will disconnect Messenger and Instagram chat by the end of this month. This means that users will no longer be able to start new chats or calls with Facebook friends from Instagram, and existing chats will become read-only.

Meta to disconnect Messenger and Instagram chat this month

Why is Meta disconnecting Messenger and Instagram chat?

In 2020, Meta introduced the optional cross-platform integration between Messenger and Instagram, allowing users to chat seamlessly with their friends across both platforms. This integration aimed to simplify communication and provide a more unified messaging experience. However, concerns about data privacy and potential antitrust issues have lingered since its inception.

Meta to disconnect Messenger and Instagram chat this month

The EU’s Digital Markets Act and its impact

The EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) came into effect in November 2022, aiming to curb the dominance of tech giants and promote fair competition within the digital market. This act prohibits tech companies from combining personal data from different services and imposes strict rules on how they can target users with advertising.

Meta’s decision to disconnect Messenger and Instagram chat appears to be a preemptive measure to comply with the DMA and avoid potential regulatory sanctions. By separating the two messaging platforms, Meta may be hoping to demonstrate its commitment to data privacy and fair competition.

Impact on users

For users, this change means that they will need to switch between Messenger and Instagram to chat with different groups of friends. This could be inconvenient for those who regularly interact with both Facebook and Instagram contacts.

While Meta has not announced any plans to reintegrate Messenger and Instagram chat, the company may reconsider its decision if the DMA’s impact becomes less stringent or if it finds a way to address privacy and antitrust concerns effectively.

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