WhatsApp introduces original quality sharing with limit of up to 2TB

The popular messaging platform WhatsApp is redefining how iOS users share photos and videos with its latest update, version 23.24.73. This highly-awaited update allows users to send media files in their original quality, eliminating the compression issues that have been a longstanding drawback of the platform.


iOS users can now enjoy media sharing with uncompressed files on WhatsApp

In contrast to WhatsApp’s typical compression methods, this update allows users to seamlessly share photos and videos without compromising their quality. The changelog for the 23.24.73 update explicitly states that users can “easily send original quality media as a file,” offering a much-needed alternative to compressed methods.

The rollout of this feature is being implemented gradually, with all iOS users set to receive it in the coming weeks. To access it, users can tap the “+” icon in a chat > select Document, > tap Choose Photo or Video. This straightforward process eliminates the need for manual workarounds previously used to send high-quality media.

WhatsApp image sharing

While iOS users are already reaping the benefits of this groundbreaking feature, Android users will not have to wait much longer. WhatsApp has been testing the same capability for Android since September, indicating that a stable release for Android devices is near.

Aside from the original quality media sharing functionality, WhatsApp’s 23.24.73 update introduces other notable enhancements. Users can now start voice chats without initiating a group call, providing more flexibility in communication. Additionally, new chat bubbles help users effortlessly track missed, ongoing, and completed calls. Users can also swiftly react to a Status using their avatars.

It is important to note that while sharing original quality photos and videos enhances the viewing experience, it may also consume more data from your monthly plan, particularly for larger video files. Therefore, users should exercise caution regarding their data usage when utilizing this feature.

In related news, WhatsApp recently introduced “Secret Code“, elevating chat privacy by enabling users to set unique passwords for locked chats. This innovative feature ensures locked conversations only appear when the secret code is entered, enhancing confidentiality. Users can create personalized codes with letters, numbers, and emojis. The streamlined process involves a simple long press to lock chats, emphasizing accessibility.

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