Install Custom Recovery And Root Nexus 5 Using One Click Toolkit for Mac

Rooting Nexus 5 on a Mac has been made as easy as cake thanks to the One Click Toolkit by Android Rootz. The great thing is that you don’t need to install the Android SDK or mess with drivers – just the Android File Transfer app. You can lock/unlock your phone’s bootloader, install a custom recovery and also root it in a few easy steps.

Install Custom Recovery And Root Nexus 5 Using One Click Toolkit for Mac

One Click Toolkit is offered in many variants, depending on your need. For each purpose, such as rooting, installing recovery and so on, a different toolkit is available. Despite the different files, the process is as simple as download your required toolkit, unzipping it, connecting your phone and running the script.

  1. Make sure that you have Android File Transfer app installed. If not, download and install it from Google’s official link.
  2. Download from any of the toolkits linked at the end of this article. (backup all your data before proceeding further!)
  3. Turn off your phone and restart it holding the power + volume down buttons. Once you are in the fastboot mode, connect the phone to your computer.
  4. Double click the green icon in the toolkit you had downloaded. The script will now execute and show you the steps and ask for confirmations. Follow them and you will get the job done.

The above steps apply for almost all the toolkits including root, installing stock ROM, installing recovery and locking/unlocking the bootloader.

Download the toolkits from Make sure you always check for the latest one before using them so that you don’t run into any compatibility issues. If you are on Windows, you can follow our guides to root Nexus 5 or install a custom recovery.

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