How To: Install Windows Phone 7 Theme On Your iPhone! [VIDEO]

A beta version for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 theme for iPhone has been found which can be downloaded and tested on your iPhone for FREE. Though ModMyi has made it clear that this is beta installation, while the final theme will eventually be available soon through a Cydia repo. To proceed with our simple guide on installing it on your iPhone, make sure your device is jailbroken with an active internet connection (preferably Wi-Fi).

How To: Install Windows Phone 7 Theme On Your iPhone! [VIDEO]

Some of the features of WP7 iPhone theme are:

  • Live Tiles
  • Customizable Start Menu
  • No Iconoclasm
  • No Infiniboard
  • No SpringJumps
  • No WinterBoard
  • No Setup Required
  • No Missing Icons (Auto-create)
How To: Install Windows Phone 7 Theme On Your iPhone! [VIDEO]

Here are the simple steps on how to install it:

Step 1:

Launch Cydia and search / install Backboard (free).

Step 2:

Backboard will create a a backup of your current theme. You can do so by tapping the “+” at the bottom left of the Backbaord app.

Step 3:

Now on your iPhone, visit the link below or simply type it as it is in the safari navigation bar:

backboard: / /

Step 4:

Press “Yes” when prompted and wait for the download to finish. This may take several minutes depending on your internet connection.

Step 5:

Select the theme from the Backboard “OS7” and press install

Step 6:

Wait for the iPhone to re-spring automatically. Thats it!


Here is a demo video of WP7 theme in action on the iPhone:

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  1. **Warning!** Make sure you backup your homescreen. If not, you could get locked in the WP7 theme like I did. Only way out now is a restore I suppose.

  2. I like the functional no huss no fuss homescreen of the iPhone. I see everything I need on a glimpse. No need to scroll to get to some apps that I want to launch.

  3. the good link is this ->> backboard://


  4. It’s works superb! Only i get this donate pop ups also when i’ve donated some small amount. When does it disappear? Thx!

  5. when i downloaded it in bacboard the theme doesnt show up and i’ve tried to install the theme several times but it still doesnt show up

  6. Same here… When click that link on my iphone, it opens the backboard then closes it. Basically nothing happens..!!!! what do I do????

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