Installer 5.1 beta package manager for iOS gets an App Store inspired redesign

Installer 5.1 beta is a major new update to the popular package manager for jailbroken iOS devices. The new update features an App Store inspired redesign, with a layout, details pages, and more.

The new update also features a complete rewrite of its backend which means a lot of bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements. Installer 5.1 beta only supports iOS 13 and later versions for now, however, iOS 12 support will be added in future updates.

Installer 5.1 beta

Installer 5.1 beta: beautiful new design, faster package installation, and online backups

The main home screen of Installer 5.1 beta is divided into home, changes, sources, installed, and search tabs. Users can see all their purchased packages on one screen. Each package also has a detailed description page, which is similar to the App Store’s detail pages. Packages show screenshots, descriptions, category, version, developer name, changelog, license information, compatibility details, dependencies, repo information, and other apps by the same developer. Users can also follow their favorite developers and be informed when they publish new packages or updates.

Installer 5.1 beta also supports backups to its server which are useful for restoring to a fresh device later on. Package installation process has also been improved and is now much faster than before. Users can also see package dependencies, conflicts, queue them up, or see if they would require a respring before starting installation.

Dark mode fans will be happy to know that Installer 5.1 beta supports automatic dark mode switching on iOS 13 and later.

Installer 5.1 is currently in beta and still contains some bugs. If you are on a stable version of Installer on your daily driver, we don’t recommend that you install this update. It still has some installation bugs, and package backups are currently disabled. If you update from a stable version to 5.1 beta, it will also reset Installer’s database which means that you will have to re-add your sources and refollow developers.

If you are technically savvy or have a spare device, you can install Installer 5.1 beta by adding this repo:

Check out the below video which shows all the new features in this major update.

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