AirPower photo in proto2 stage has surfaced online with 22 coils

An alleged Apple AirPower has been in news for some time and now leaker @Giulio Zompetti shared the wireless charger’s picture and serial interface on Twitter. In his tweet, the leaker claims that Apple AirPower is in prototype stage 2 and works perfectly.

Previously, it was reported that Apple was working on a wireless charging mat, AirPower to power up iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods simultaneously. However, the prototypes experienced overheating issues due to Apple Watch. As the smartwatch requires more power to charge than iPhone and AirPods, the 21 to 24 coils of the AirPower mat combusted during testing because of overheating. Therefore, the product was shelved.

Apple AirPower

Apple AirPower in proto2 stage

According to Giulio Zompetti‘s tweet, the new Apple AirPower model works perfectly fine with 22 coils which “can be controlled independently.” It can be inferred that the Cupertino tech giant has found a fix for the overheating issue experienced in the previous AirPower prototype.

Having said that, the leaker did not give any more detail on the chip and the devices the mat will charge.

In April 2020, Jon Prosser, a mixed-track record leaker claimed that the new AirPower is powered A11 chip to manage heat and that Apple had sent the wireless charger units to engineers of the ‘sharing and proximity’ team to “work on software communication between devices to not only manage heat but also to resolve heat-related issues.”

Later that month, Prosser shared an oval-shaped concept design of the Apple’s charging mat which looks very similar to the device in Zompetti’s tweet.

Recently, Apple launched a MagSafe Duo wireless charger for iPhone and Apple Watch. The foldable charger has two separate sections to charge the aforementioned devices to solve the overheating related issues. However, it is yet to be seen if the company can successfully launch a single charging mat that can power up Apple Watch with other devices without overheating.

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