Intel aims to beat Apple Silicon manufacturer TSMC and other chip foundries by 2025

Intel was profoundly impacted by Apple’s transition to Apple Silicon from its processors for new Mac models and other devices. So much so, the chipmaker ignorantly criticized Intel-based MacBook for being “bad gaming machines”.

Now, the manufacturer has announced a four-year plan to beat competing foundries like TSMC to regain its lead in the processor industry. Reuter reports that “Intel has lost that lead to TSMC and Samsung, whose manufacturing services have helped Intel’s rivals Advanced Micro Devices Inc and Nvidia Corp produce chips that outperform Intel’s. AMD and Nvidia design chips which then are made by the rival chip manufacturers, called foundries.”

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Intel plans to introduce 5 new technologies to beat Apple Silicon and other smaller chips

Intel shared that it will introduce five sets of chipmaking technologies in the next four years to regain its market position by 2025. Qualcomm and Amazon will be the manufacturer’s first customers. The report details:

The most advanced use Intel’s first new design in a decade for transistors, the tiny switches that translate to digital ones and zeros. Starting as early as 2025, it will also tap a new generation of machines from the Netherlands’ ASML (ASML.AS) that use what is called extreme ultraviolet lithography, which projects chip designs onto silicon somewhat like printing an old-fashioned photograph.

Currently, the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is leading the silicon industry by producing chips built on advance 5nm process like the A14 Bionic chip for iPhone 12 series and M1 Apple Silicon for new Mac models. Both chipsets offer fast performance and incredible battery life.


Reports claim that the Foundry is working on chipsets built on 4nm process and 3nm process to enhance the already outstanding performance and power efficiency. Based on supply chain sources, Nikkie Asia claimed that Intel and Apple will be the first companies to adopt TSMC’s next-generation silicon built on a 3nm process by 2022. Having said that, the analyst still believes that Intel can beat TSMC.

“Intel is absolutely going to catch up, and be ahead in some dimensions, with TSMC over the next few years,” Kanter, the analyst, said. “Intel really does have people who spend all their time looking at how to deploy new materials and technology to juice their performance.”

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