Internet Explorer in Windows 7 Beta gets updated, but not to RC 1

Windows UpdateIE Microsoft has released a reliability update marked KB962921 for Internet Explorer in Windows 7 Beta. According to the Windows Internet Explorer Blog, the main areas of fixes have been the crashes and hang ups in the browser. They took into account the feedback generated by Beta users and reports sent in by the Windows Error Reporting tool. So, unlike the claims by some people who think these services hog the OS down, these mechanisms really make Windows more better for us.

This update will address many of the top crashes and hangs from the Windows 7 Beta, which includes those caused by Internet Explorer as well as 3rd party components like Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat, and several others. We have also included fixes to enable printing PDF files and an architectural change which improves cookie management. This update does not contain other changes introduced between the Windows 7 Beta and Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1.

The improvements in performance are already very obvious in the time I’ve spent using IE today. It  definitely has become much more ‘useable’ and performs almost like the RC 1 build. Although, Gmail and some websites still show some issues in rendering, but the compatibility mode fixes most issues. If you’re using Windows 7 Beta and have automatic updates turned on, you would have received it by now, other wise manually check for updates. It’s a must have for all Windows 7 Beta users.

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