iOS 14.6 asks Apple Watch Series 3 users to restore watch before installing watchOS update

Many users have been reporting issues with updating Apple Watch Series 3 to the latest watchOS updates. Apple Watch Series 3 is the oldest watch model that supports new updates at the moment, but it has been showing its age as the GPS version of the watch is usually out of storage space whenever there is an update.

Apple Watch Series 3 features 8GB internal storage, but it seems that it is not enough, even if you do not have any apps installed. Many users on various forums have shared this issue and even multiple publications have raised this problem but it seems like Apple has been unable to find a permanent fix to this problem.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple asks Apple Watch Series 3 users to unpair and restore watch to update it

As per some users who have iOS 14.6 and Apple Watch Series 3, they are now seeing a message that asks them to unpair and restore the Watch so they can install watchOS updates. Apple has also shared steps on how to do so in an update to its support page, where the company does not even recommend that users free up storage on their Watch but directly asks them to unpair and restore to update the Watch.

Of course, this is not a good user experience for any user. Updates should just install, considering that the watchOS update usually requires around 3.0GB storage, and many users have reported that they have been unable to install updates even when the watch does not have any data or apps.

While it is a good thing that Apple is still supporting a product that was first launched almost 4 years ago, the point of contention is that the company is still actively selling this watch model as the cheapest one in its line-up. Apple needs to either stop forcing updates on the Watch model or perhaps make its software updates lean so that future watchOS updates do not have the same issues.

For now, it is unclear if users will have to unpair and restore their Apple Watch Series 3 again when a future watchOS update is released.

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