iOS 15.2 does not change how iCloud Private Relay works, says Apple after T-Mobile’s response

Unlike T-Mobile’s claims, iOS 15.2 does not feature a bug that disables iCloud Private Relay for users. Apple has come up with a statement to clarify that iOS 15.2 does not feature any changes or bugs that automatically toggle iCloud Private Relay off.

iCloud Private Relay

Apple confirms no iOS 15.2 feature or bug automatically disables iCloud Private Relay 

In a statement given to MacRumors, Apple said that the service is available in beta in most countries around the world and no carrier partners have put a block on it.

iCloud Private Relay is an innovative internet privacy service that allows users with an iCloud+ subscription to connect to the internet and browse with Safari in a more secure and private way. We have rolled Private Relay out in beta and it’s available in most countries around the world. No carrier partners have blocked their users from taking advantage of Private Relay.

No changes were made to iCloud Private Relay in iOS 15.2 that would have toggled the feature off. Users are encouraged to check their Settings to see if Private Relay is enabled on their device or for a specific network.

The company has asked users to check their settings if they don’t find iCloud Private Relay working as expected. The company has updated its support page for the service as well as updated some text in iOS 15.3 beta to clarify how the service works, and how it can be toggled off.

After Apple’s statement, T-Mobile also shared another update clarifying that iOS 15.2 does not change any settings for Private Relay and advised customers to check their Cellular Data Options to verify if the features are enabled or disabled.

We wanted to update what we shared earlier. Apple doesn’t change customers’ settings when they update to iOS 15.2. Customers may see an error message if they previously toggled iCloud Private Relay or Limit IP Address Tracking off in their Cellular Data Options Settings. Apple has more details on their support page for this feature here.

T-Mobile had said that customers who use plans that enable content filtering including parental controls, can not use iCloud Private Relay as it would not allow filtering to work as intended. Other major U.S. carriers have also confirmed that they support iCloud Private Relay so if there’s an issue, it is advised that users check their iCloud settings or Cellular Data Options.

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