On iOS 15, AirPod Pro owners can not use Siri to control Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency features

With the passage of time, iOS 15 issues are surfacing. A new bug on the latest version of the software preventing some AirPod Pro owners from controlling the Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency features via Siri.

iOS 15- AirPods Pro

Affected users shared on Reddit that AirPods Pro connected to iPhones running on iOS 15 are facing this issue. When Siri is asked to activate Transparency Mode or disable Active Noise Cancellation, the voice assistance replies “Sorry, I can not do that.” Having said that the upcoming iOS 15.1 update will fix the issue. A Redditor wrote:

WTF apple? I know she can hear me fine, but every variation of “siri node cancellation” turn on etc gets a response of I’m sorry I can’t do that. Anyone know how or why? Or even better how to fix?This was one of the main functions I use siri for with both iPad and iPhone.

To fix AirPods Pro’s Siri issue on iOS 15 users will have to install iOS 15.1 beta

AirPods Pro users can enable or disable Active Noise Cancellation by physically pressing on the stem of the earbuds or via iPhone’s Control Center. However, Siri has used in turn the feature on/off in situations when users engaged in manual labor or any physical work using their hands like gardening, cooking, driving, writing, and others.

Currently, in beta testing, iOS 15.1 resolves the bug affecting Siri’s ability to control the Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency features on AirPods Pro. As the iOS 15.1 update is available in public beta, AirPods Pro owners registered at Apple’s public beta program can install the update to fix the issue. Other users can check out our comprehensive guide on how to install iOS 15.1 beta on their iPhones.

Some iPhone and iPad users have reported to Apple Support that after installing the latest update their devices are showing a storage space alert when the device has plenty of available space. Apple also discovered that on iOS 15 the new iPhone 13 models, iPad 9, and iPad mini, the widget’s settings are reverted to default settings, after data backup.

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