iOS 16 beta 6 brings more control over the new battery percentage UI option

Apple recently seeded iOS 16 beta 6 update to developers and beta testers. It was found that the latest beta update brings more personalization options to the previously added battery percentage UI element.

The fifth developer beta of iOS 16 introduced a new battery percentage UI element on iPhone models with a notch to display the battery percentage in numbers in the home screen’s status bar. The feature is optional, and not enabled by default for those who do not like the battery percentage to appear on their home screen.

However, when the Low Power mode is enabled the battery percentage activates automatically even if the user has disabled the feature.

iOS 16 beta

iOS 16 beta 6 adds the option to keep the battery percentage UI disabled even in Low Power mode

9to5Mac reported that some users did not like the inaccurate and inconsistent design of the new battery percentage feature. And it would have been irksome for them to be forced to see the UI in certain situations.

Some users found the new interface for battery percentage confusing since the battery icon doesn’t match the percentage as it drains. The icon only changes when the battery level drops to 20%, then it becomes red and empty. Other than that, the icon may trick you into believing that the battery is still full, which is not the case.

iOS 16 beta 6 - iPhone battery percentage notch - iOS 16 beta 5

Luckily for them, the new iOS16 beta 6 update gives more control to users over the battery percentage UI. If a user has disabled the battery percentage feature, it will stay disabled even in Low Power mode on iOS 16 beta 6.

This comes as good news for users who didn’t like how Apple implemented the battery percentage in iOS 16 but were forced to see it in some situations. It’s worth noting, however, that Apple has made no changes when it comes to the battery percentage interface, which remains the same as in iOS 16 beta 5.

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