Apple technician faces termination over her viral TikTok on stolen iPhone with more than 7M views

An Apple repair technician and TikToker, Paris Campbell shared that she was threatened to be fired by her manager for posting a video on iPhone’s security in case of theft. Campbell was told that she had breached the company’s confidential policy and was asked to take down her TikTok video which has over 7 million views or else face repercussions.

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Confused about Apple’s social media policy, the employee asks if she is fired or not for posting a helpful TikTok video

Campbell is a resident of New York and has been working at Apple for six years mainly as a repair technician in the retail department. She goes by the alias @stopitparis on TikTok with 444.9K followers.

She created her response video to another TikToker’s experience who had shared a screenshot of threatening messages from an unknown sender allegedly from China. She was asked to remove her stolen iPhone from the associated Apple ID if she does not want her personal information to be sold on the black market.

Based on her experience as a “certified hardware engineer for a certain company that likes to talk about fruit”, Campbell advised the victim not to remove her stolen iPhone from her Apple ID in the video. She explained that the iPhone is useless for the perpetrators because it can not be sold without removing the original Apple ID first. Thus, the threatening messages were sent to scare her into removing the device. “Your phone is actually useless to them, and you’re the only person that can save them, and I suggest that you don’t.”

Throughout the video, she did not disclose that she was at Apple or shared any confidential information but her manager disagreed. The Verge writes:

Campbell received a call from a manager, telling her to remove the video or she’d be subject to disciplinary action “up to and including termination.” When she asked what would happen if she left the video up, she says the manager walked back the original comment and said he would get back to her. So far, he hasn’t.


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Confused about the tech giant’s social media policy and her manager’s response, Campbell posted another video in which she clearly stated that she works at Apple and wanted to know if she was fired or not.  Defending herself, she maintained that no confidentiality clause was breached and she shared accurate information which resonated with millions of people.


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Our Take

In our opinion, Campbell actually promoted Apple’s security system instead of causing any harm to the company. She marketed the tech giant’s security measures and protection of users’ data in incidents of theft. So instead of “threatening” her, the company should have appreciated her effort to calm iPhone users that their personal information stays safe even if their devices are thousands of miles away from them.

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